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The Baltics before the Balts

10 thousand years ago, the Baltic Sea didn´t exist, because it was covered by a huge Ice sheet. The Ice sheet slowly melted and numerous lagoons bordered the sea coast. Herds of big animals moved from the central to the north part of Europe. People produce small lithic tools. They bind the stone arrowhead to the spear by bitumen. In this way they obtain an excelent weapons with a long flying range and good penetration. People are gradually occupied with fishing and therefore settlements near lakes are more suitable for them. Preserved fishing nets, fish-hooks, fish-harpoons or boats document their fishing activities. The settlements prospered and traded successfully. There is evidence of barter between the Baltic region and Scandinavia. Composed tools have been used for a long time – in the Neolithic period as well as in the Bronze Age. The pottery like this was used for storage of foods. It was embedded into the soil or hangedup near the fireplace. In the prehistoric time amber was very popular and was distributed from the Baltics to the Czech lands. The well-known ceremonial stick in the shape of a female elk´s head is made from antler.