Exhibit 21


Baptismal font from Křižanov

The tin baptismal font is a work of master blacksmith and tinner Jan having worked in the 1480s and 1490s in Velké Meziříčí according to the signing on the legs. The baptismal font is preserved in original condition, only the lid was completed with a simple cross in an unknown period.
The baptismal font reminds symbolically of the fact that one of the elements integrating the Jagellonian dynasty to the European history was Christianity and that its members had to tackle a complicated religious situation. One of the reasons why Vladislaus Jagiello  became King of Bohemia was just the complicated religious situation in Bohemian Lands. Vladislaus had to rule over  "double folk" (Catholics and Utraquists), similarly to his relatives in Poland and Lithuania  (Catholics and Orthodoxs). Just as his relatives he had to deal with a serious problem of the defence of the Christian world from the Turkish danger.

Late 15th century, Roman-Catholic parish Křižanov, Diocesan Museum Brno